The First Time

by Micah Day | September 23, 2011 | 0 Comments

I remember one of the first times I climbed outdoors.  It was early in the spring, and was a perfect crisp, clear day in Castle Rock state park near Santa Cruz – the target was Goats Rock.  Our group of 4-5 friends consisted of two novice climbers that had recently hired a guide to show them the ‘ropes’.  While we trusted our friends to set up a nice little top-rope for us, we all probably had the same stomach churning feeling when they reached the 45 minute mark while setting up the anchor.

Each of us took our turn in weighting the anchor through our various falls and rappels.  Of course it held, but that didn’t change the excitement that everyone experiences when you rope up for the first time – the mental game of trusting your life to your own skills, mental fortitude and of course to your knowledge of safe and proper anchor building.

We joke now about that first experience, likening it to a drug.  Alcohol to be more specific.  That was our entry into what has become an addiction of sorts.  A gateway drug to wanting harder, more challenging ways in which to test our skills, knowledge and psyche.

Our mission here at HMG is progression.  Just as we have grown as climbers, we know we can grow as a company and push the boundaries of what we today, think is possible. 

So get out there!


Micah Day - owner of Hummingbird Mountain Gear




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