Winter Wonderland Bouldering Competition

by Micah Day | December 05, 2011 | 0 Comments


It was frigid outside on Saturday here in Colorado, but the temps and performances were nothing short of hot inside Rock'n & Jam'n during the Winter Wonderland Bouldering Comp.  

Hummingbird Mountain Gear was out in full-force to support the competitors, and a few were lucky enough to snag a brand new, black t-shirt to take home for the holidays! 

If you weren’t one of the lucky few, head over to our FB page, or twitter (@HummingbirdMG) to enter our upcoming contest (details to follow) for a free t-shirt just in time for the Holidays!

And finally, congratulations to the top finishers in each division, listed below:



Colin Duffy (2168)

Mikey Lowe (1775)

Aliza Nishke (1754)


Women’s Recreational:

Jenna Park (2384 + Moonboard Climb-off)

Chelsea Battan (2384)


Men’s Recreational:

Emilio Espinoza (1627)


Women’s Intermediate:

Charise Denavit (3561)


Men’s Intermediate:

Walter Wood (4820)

Patrick Radecker (4660)

Daniel Hayes (4562)


Women’s Advanced:

Jacinda Maurer (5180)

Rochelle Rocha (3026)


Men’s Advanced:

Osiris Graves (6779)

Kevin Rust (6611)

Jamison Burt (6591)


Women’s Open:

Mercedes Pollmeier (5412)


Men’s Open:

Seth Lytton (8118 + 33 pullups)

Asher Shay-Nemirow (8118 + 24 pullups)

Jamie Emerson (7826)



Silvia Luebben (4485)

Gary DeGroat (4203)

Hillary Nitshke (2089)



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