Life is a Highway T-Shirt Giveaway

by Micah Day | January 13, 2012 | 0 Comments

Hummingbird is headed to the Great Salt Lake City next week for the Outdoor Retail Show.  Since Denver is quasi-close, and road trips are super terrific fun, we’ve decided to drive.  Hooray!  As everyone knows, road trips can be a lot of fun (for the first 30-45 minutes or so); especially if you are creative and have something to keep you awake.  In 2008, my wife and I drove from San Francisco, CA to Dallas, TX with our 80 pound bulldog Pablo in the back seat.  The first hour included a ‘how many grapes can you stuff in your mouth’ game (32) but things quickly went downhill when we ran out of games.  If you suffered through the video link above, this is about how we felt by the time we hit Midland, TX at around 3am and had to stay in a dark seedy hotel on the other side of the tracks.  What could possibly save us next weekend?  Killer tunes of course! 

Hummingbird is challenging our fans to a top three, road trip song pick-off.  The winner of this prestigious contest will receive a black Hummingbird T-Shirt and a sincere thank you for filling our iPod with happy tunes to carry us on our wayward journey.  Here are the rules…GO!

  • Contest starts Friday, January 13th and ENDS Wednesday, January 18th at 4pm MT
  • Contestants must submit three (3) songs, with a brief description of why their set is so sweet.
    • Example:  “These three songs are how I imagine your journey to SLC will be - short because your trip will go quickly while listening to these awesome tunes…plus, I dare you to listen to Lady Gaga and not nod your head to POKER FACE”!  Creepy, just creepy.
    • Please submit songs and descriptions in comments section below.
  • Judging will be decided by awarding points on both song quality and description of why you included the songs (up to three points awarded for each song, and up to three points for your description of the overall set - 12 points for a perfect score)
    • On the very off chance that there is a tie for first, we’ll have a trivia question to decide the winner
  • Results will be announced Monday, January 23rd after rigorous testing in the field (aka, trip to SLC)



***Fine  Print:  This is for fun!  Please don’t take this too seriously.  Points are based entirely on biased and subjective taste in music and we can in no way guarantee that you will agree with our decision.

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