We are Hummingbird Mountain Gear.  We are climbers. We are dreamers. We are vagabonds. We’re wanderers and artists who support ourselves with our craft and fuel ourselves through our passion.

It all started in a small storage space behind a garage in a townhouse in Colorado. Eventually, plans took shape in a name:  Hummingbird Mountain Gear.  With a bit of inspiration from Colorado geography, The Flatirons, a logo was created and off we went!

Throughout the first years of business, Hummingbird launched its first product and made a bit of news.  We sponsored a competition or two, and even made the pilgrimage to Outdoor Retail.

And now? We are still a small shop, headquartered in Boulder, Colorado.  You might be wondering, why buy from us? Well, we’re also climbers.  We develop all of our products in-house.  We test them.  We partner with fellow climbers. Most importantly, we listen to your feedback.  Being a small shop allows us to make changes to our gear quickly and get the ‘next-gen’ out to you quicker.